Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Huddersfield League - New Mill V Lindley A

Over to Huddersfield this week, no rain to worry about this time instead 2 inches of Snow everywhere, great just what I needed the M62 was gridlocked with wagons struggling to get over the pass as they had not been out gritting yet.

I arrive cold and wet, this was an important match as Lindley are 2 points behind and a game in hand. So we needed at least a point to stay top. We won the first game and John our player had at least 15 flukes to win by loads. I went on second and was giving 15 start. We both played really poorly the table was like lightning and I kept over hitting my shots.

The other player David Tulley was also awful both I us should be ashamed with our game. he beat me 200-194 and either of us had a 10 break quite remarkable that if you think about it. We also lost the last game Brian Cousen played Peter Atkinson. I had not seen him play before he is quite old but what a nice player. He has a really classic style like Peter Shelley and Ron Agnew and plays lots of delicate Long Losers and as usual for the older players lots of middle red ball play. He dominated and we lost 2-1. This still leaves up top I have now lost two in a row. I didn't mind losing to Mathew Peaker the week before he was outstanding but this game was really poor.

Nice journey home though the snow had melted and I only had to content with the lashing rain!

What really annoyed me was I had gone for a practice in the afternoon and played quite well Mark Carrington had wiped me out 7 nil at snooker but I have played Billiards for our hour after and I played really well having 3 x 30 breaks. Strange how it goes this game. I do seem a little happier mixing my snooker and billiards together, it used to affect my cueing action but I have got used to my new grip now for both games.

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