Monday, 28 December 2009

Snooker Knockout 28th Rileys

Got invited with Mark Carrington to play in a knockout on the 28th Handicapped at Rileys BelleVue.

Played rubbish the lad I played had the luck of the devil never seen anything like it he had a 38 first visit which was all flukes. Even at the end of the frame I only needed brown to black to win but he flukes the brown and I then snookered him on the blue a really nasty snooker which he managed to hit and then snooker me behind the pink.

I gave up at this point. The funny thing was he drew Mark Carrington in the next round. Mark was giving him 40 start but I told Mark if he has the same luck not to bother playing. I watched the match and sure enough he had all the running and scoring 28 in the first frame off a fluke and in the next mark had a 48 but was already 68 behind. Again Smithy won off a few amazing pot/flukes.

He lost in the next round and admitted he had not luck at all? Yes right

We grabbed a table and had some practice we both played pretty rubbish nad we had an hour of billiards again we both were pretty rubbish. Just one of those bad days I think.
Just noticed I have no link to the Manchester web site. I will add it in the next few days but here it is for the moment. They have a good website.

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