Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Individuals Meltham Huddersfield

 I had arranged my handicapped individuals on Sunday at 1pm with Paul Shaw. I was receiving 10 start first to 200 he is on 60handicap.

What a crap game neither of us played well he clearly could not play billiards but was a great potter. I lost by 20 points. Again I do not know what is up with my game as I am cueing really well potting as well as ever but just having no luck at all.

I won the string and put him into break he attempted to pot the red off the black spot, the red ended up tight in the jaws and the white went around the table twice and potted the red following it into the pocket for 6 on his first shot. That sort of set the tone for the day. He was then in the same position red on it's spot and white in hand. This time he managed to screw inoff the red and left the red by the middle bag. He then started potting the red and scored 9 by potting and then missed a center pocket pot red the red hit the jaw and went into baulk. He scored 18 off flukes and left a baulk nice one.

It was not my day despite me getting a 44 break every visit he left me safe or fluked one just like the last time I played Wayne at Silktown just no running no sure what you can do about it, even though I played safe it made no difference. He won 200-190 very strange.

Paula came with me  and we went out for a nice meal in one of the local pubs so the day wasn't a disaster.

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