Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Huddersfield League - New Mill B V Springwood B

Off to New Mill for my next match for once the weather was great no rain or snow. John won the first game I played second as usual playing Paul Raynor he has already had a couple of breaks recorded on the sheet so I knew I had to be careful. I played very well getting an early lead with a 22 and a 19. I was on 70 Paul on 75 first to 200. I had reached 140 and knocked in a nice 37 missing a simple pot red when in prime position at the top. I ran in an easy win 200-140.

Derek Hay went on last and lost by about 30, Looks like we will be top by one point at Christmas not to bad at the halfway stage. Just missed out on the high break for my handicap group should have concentrated a bit more rather careless. Still got on the break list cant complain.

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