Thursday, 10 December 2009

Dreaded Snooker Practice

I had arrange a couple of hours snooker with Mark Carrington at my local club on Thursday 10th. He had been working all last week and had no match so he was desperate for a game. I don't really like the snooker as I still feel it interfers with my billiards but I do like to practice my cueing.

The first frame he set the standard with a 56. I feel really good and still had a chance to win I had a 30 and had a chance to clear the last red and colours but missed a simple blue.

I won the next frame with a 40 and a 25 break. I hardly missed a shot and felt I was cueing really well especially in the reds and around the black spot.

The next frame I had another 30 but mark had a 68. He won the next with a brilliant 95 with 2 reds left both in difficult positions he joggled a tough red in the jaws but was perfect on the green.

Everygame I played really well my long potting was really great and I had at least a 30 in everygame Mark however was playing really well having a 50+ in nearly everygame. He won 9-1 but I felt I had played really well and had chance to win a couple more frames despite him getting good breaks.

That night I had no match but had arranged a snooker game with another friend Steve Cannon (no relation to Mr Inoff) Again I played really well I give Steve 21 start in the league at Snooker so we played off handicaps. I played well getting a few 25 and 30 breaks. I managed a 41 and a 48 to go 5-5. We decided to play a decider and the loser pays for the table. Steve got a 28 break and put me under pressure I managed to claw it back with a few lucky snookers and we both had chances on the black before I fluked a double in the top to win.

A good days snooker quite enjoyed it for a change.

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