Sunday, 20 December 2009

Billiard Junkies

I was really sorry to see the end of Billiard Junkies. In my past year I was an IT manager at a school I will look into opening a similar site I have a few people who I may be able to twist arms etc.

We shall see in the new year, if anyone is willing to support me by actually visiting the site after it is created then maybe. Felix posted that the site costs £ 400 per year to maintain seems rather expensive to me. I can host and update a site for much less on my own server.

If anyone else is doing something to resolve the problems let me know maybe I can help.


  1. The post about the cost of 400 pound a year was made by the actual owner of the site Stu Green (aka Administrator, GreenBaize), who thought it was to expensive to go on with the site.
    If he really pays that amoutn of money - a third would be ok but you could still get even better deals ...

  2. Yes I agree,

    I will look into it over christmas might be able to do something seems a shame for all those billiard junkies out there.