Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Silktown Practice

Had a strange game of Billiards with Wayne over at Silktown, Macclesfield we had two hours 2-4 on the Wednesday as our sort of weekly match. Its usually quite a good standard with either myself or Wayne Holbrook playing well but today he beat me by quite a margin. I felt really good and had been playin really well but he just kept having run throughout the game. Every shot I was on the cushion or in a bad position rather strange as the luck usually changes at some point.

It ran with him for the two hours and he won by about 100 points. Really quite odd as he didn't really do anything outstanding neither of us had a decent break. This has happended to me before and usually changes. It's a little like playing in thick mud the harder you try the worse it gets. Very strange day, I went for a hour in my local club that that night and had no problems I played old Alf and had a couple of 40 breaks.

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