Thursday, 17 December 2009

Practice - Run through Loser

Over the past 6 months I have always avoided the run through shot close to the cushion unless there has been any other shot on and usually I have played the pot along the cushion.

Looking back on my notes I realised I have not really spent anytime trying the shot. Martin and John Inglby both showed me the shot but I have never really worked out the aiming point. When I have tried it I usually get one every 10 shots and the further from the pocket the harder it is. So I have just avoided it.

I saw Rob Hall get one from just below the middle bag so I decided to try a hour or two until I could get the shot regularly.

The local clubs tables are rather poor but I spent one hour trying the shot from various spots along the top cushion. After a hour I had still made little progress I just could not figure out the aiming point. I knew If I aimed directly at the ball and then a little left an eighth of an inch I got the shot a few time but very irregular.

I marked the spots where the balls were positioned and then spent an hour playing plain ball shots with my spotted training ball to see where the balls ended up. Then playing with side to see how the balls reacted. Finally I found out where the aiming point is and it surprised me as the aiming point with strong side to widen the pocket is basically straight at the ball.

Another half hour and I was getting the shot all the time, I can't understand how I could have had so many problems with the shot when it's quite simple really especially with side. That's the thing about billiards it's really just practice and repetition over and over until the shot just becomes a variation on another shot.

The half ball drop cannon going back over my diary used to cause me endless problems but now it just seems so easy. Going back only 3 months I would get the shot regularly but fail in controlling position after the shot. Now I usually end up with the position I wanted or at the very least some half decent position at the top. Just lately I have realised I am even placing my drop cannon to push the red towards a pocket instead of hitting the true half ball full in the face.

Funny how certain shots are now just simple ones, another 3 years I think I will be OK at this game.

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