Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Huddersfield League Snowbound

Due to 8 inch's of Snow I was unable to make it to the latest match over in New Mill. The Woodhead Pass was shut due to drifting snow and the M62 was open but Huddersfield Road was still shut. I did not want to miss the game but it was just not possible.

Derek Hey rang me they lost 2-1 which means we have lost the top spot for Christmas, a little disappointing as the team that beat us were very low in the rankings.

Instead I went for a game with Mark Carrington, I could not get my car out due to the Snow so I walked up the Hill in my boots to get to the main Road snow plough has still not been anywhere near my road.

We went to frames in Hyde for a change and played on table 14 which is a fast but slightly tight table. I won the first frame by about 50 points however Mark won the next 7 in a row. I could have won several frames but missed out when he cleared the colours after I missed. He managed an nice 58 in frame 3 and an 85 missing a black off it's spot should have been 100 again.

We did manage an hours billiards I set off like a train and managed a few 20-30 breaks and got about 150 in front. He settled in and scored about 100 points without me scoring. I ran away an easy winner but it was nice to see Mark playing well and not potting the red. He really concentrated on cannons and top of the table.

I also managed to play a nice run through loser along the top rail even though it was just off the rails and slightly further away from the cushion practice makes perfect.

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