Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Snooker Players Guide to English Billiards - Martin Goodwill

Whilst at Bradford I received a signed copy from Martin Goodwill of his new Book.

Anyone who is interested in English Billiards or any cue sport must get a copy it is fantastic. I have followed Martins website and learnt most of my shots from www.englishbilliards.org Now he has released the book which makes things even clearer than the website.

This a top quality hard back and should be in every cue sports collectors bookshelf.

In a small way I feel I contributed to the book as the book coincided with me taking up the game instead of Snooker and both Martin and Roger have picked my brains and experiences over the last few months and included sections in the book which I had real problems with. Hopefully now the book will help everyone get over those difficulties.

Martin has produced this book at his own expense so get your credit cards out and get buying this is the first Billiards book for years lets give him the support he deserves. You must know someone who needs to improve his or her cue game.


  1. Glad Martin gave you a copy. I think you need to improve after getting beat by Rob Hall. How could you lose to him I presume you had a bad day.

  2. Thanks for that now I have my map showing where and when the visitors come from I can tell you were from London!! Slough Area I will track u down

    I could play for 20 years and still no beat Rob