Friday, 18 December 2009

Macclesfield League - Disley V Mac Liberal Club

Thursday night off to Macclesfield for a match I had to go on first and dash off to stalybridge as I had two games on the same night in different leagues. I played an old chap who beat me a couple of months ago by 20 points. I played really well the table was very quick and the cloth was slightly worn but massive pockets. I was giving him 100 start first to 200. He was on 110 I'm on 10. I played well getting a 31 on my second visit I quickly followed this with a 30 and a 33. I had ovetaken him very quickly and wrapped it up in about 30minutes the final score being 200-148. He had only scored 38. I was very happy but a little disappointed not to make a really high break as the bags really were massive.

I shot off to St Pauls Stalybridge for my next game (25miles) I arrived and went straight on but for some reason I think it was that the table was very slow and the pockets are really tight when compared to the other table I had already played on, I played poorly. i got a few 10-15 breaks but I was giving another massive start 80 points he was on 25, my handicap is now -55 and he could play a decent game. I managed to catch him up and need 13 to win he needed 2 points. I ran in 9 and played safe. He missed and I played a cannon and tried to push the red near the bag. The red ended up safe so I attempted to pot his ball it joggled in the jaw my ball end up right next to the red. He got the cannon and won by 2. That was my first loss in the stalybridge League things have got a lot harder now they have slashed my handicaps.

I enjoyed both games but I still cant work out how I can play so well one minute and then awful the next.

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