Tuesday, 29 December 2009

New Mill V Bradley & Colne Huddersfield League

Very Strange playing in the gap between Christmas and New Year, most leagues have a break at this point. I was very concerned due to the weather. We have had snow on the ground since the 22nd and the forecast was quite bad.

I drove over the M62 and as I reached the top of the pass it started snowing again which was freezing at -4. I managed to get to the venue which was another very nice club with outstanding tables very quick with a lovely cloth. I don't think I have seen a bad table in this league at all they are all of the highest championship standard quite amazing for little clubs dotted about in the middle on no where. They certainly put most of the clubs in Manchester to shame.

When I arrived Derek Hey was playing and looked like he was going to lose to an old chap called Frank who looked quite a dangerous player. He managed to pull back and won by just a few points.

I went on second and was giving 15 start to the same lad I had played before at our home club in the first half of the season. I think his was called Patmore. I was a little disappointed as I really fancied playing John Inglby. The game was OK I played quite a steady game getting lots of little breaks a few 15-20 breaks and breaking down. I must admit the table threw me a little it was so fast and I still hit the ball to hard and on this table a tiny tap ran the length of the table. I managed a 25 break and a 21 at the end to win by quite a lot about 60 points and I had given him 15 start.

Quite happy but I decided to head home as the last match started Peter Atkinson v John Inglby. Quite disappointed as it's really nice to watch John play he has an awesome cue action and stance and is a very capable billiards player and coach. He looked in good form as I left getting a nice 20 break first visit.

The journey home was a nightmare I left at 9.45pm and the M62 motorway was closed due to a fatal car crash at Junction 24. This left me few options to get home. I headed to the Woodhead and as I neared the turn off the Snow Warning signs were showing the road was closed. I turned round and headed to the Greenfields road as I gained height the snow was awful and with no 4x4 drive I was forced to turn back I tried to cut across onto the A62 Oldham Road but got stuck in the lanes. I eventually worked my way back onto the lower roads and headed through Huddersfield Town Center and joined the road from the other side of town.

I managed to get across Saddleworth at about 4 miles per hour and didn't get home till nearly 12pm. At one point I was going to turn round and try the local hotels. Fortunately some of the wagons were going over the A62 when they were diverted off the M62 which had kept the roads passable.

I found out Peter lost to John who had a nice 55 break final score 2-1 to us.

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