Friday, 29 January 2010

Stalybridge League - Last League Game

The Stalybridge league is now drawing to a close and the last match was last night, we lost 3-2 on the night but this will secure us the runner up spot in the league which is not a bad result as we had a slow start. Steve won his Snooker singles but Mark lost giving 50 start and the lad got a 30 break.

I narrowly won giving about 65 start to a good potter. I played safe and scored 50 before he had made 10 but then it went the other way and I struggled, the table was slow. I needed 14 to win and I made a simple cannon, potted a long red down the rail and left me on the red which was spotted and I scored an easy 9 of the red to win.

I think that makes it played 17 won 15 lost 2. Not bad considering the hammering they gave my handicap. I also took the high break with 55, there is only the knockout cup left so I don't think it will be topped. The nearest other break is 39. There again I will be looking to improve on it in the cup myself.

There are also individual competitions at Snooker and Billiards. to have a got at.

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