Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Silk Town Macclesfield

Wayne Holbrook rang and invited me over to Macclesfield for a knock, I was quite glad for the practice as I am not sure if i will be able to get over the Pennines to New Mill for tonight's Derby match against our A team due to snow still falling and getting blown about due to high winds.

We had a nice 2 hour session I started off well with a little 18 and a 25. Then after 15 minutes a nice 57 break which was very controlled and contained all my favourite standard shots. The table was running well and I didn't have to force the shots at all. Very pleased to get another 50+ break in the space of a week. That's 4 in 8 days.

I just need to start hitting the 50 mark in my matches. If I stick to the shots I know I can play well the breaks really do happen. I used to feel a 50 break was a really difficult thing now it just seems like 20-25 easy shots. I am sure the 100 in practice is going to be made before the year is out.

I finished off with a nice 30 break winning by about 70 in the end. Wayne struggled a little his potting was off today but he has not really played since before Christmas. He only managed a 25 break which was unusual for him.

I really am enjoying my game at the moment for some reason a lot of shots I found difficult for months seem easy now. It looks like all the hard work is really paying off. I played a couple of run through losers in the 57 break along the cushion I would never have dreamed of taking them on even 2 months ago. Now I am deem them to be a fairly safe shot which i expect to get on a regular basis.

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