Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Huddersfield League - New Mill A V New Mill B

Managed to get over to New Mill, the Woodhead Pass was blocked due to Snow Fall. So I had to divert across the M62 still pretty slippy and wild but made it.

Derek Hey the Captain was on first and won by nearly 100 points. I went on second against Rob Walker I struggled all the way I don't know why I had already played really well at Silktown the table was very fast but nothing happened for either of us.

He scored a 27 break which included 3 flukes, I managed a 22 which included 1 fluke. Nothing else happened neither of us had a break over 10. I won by 15 points and was giving him 15 start but I was really disappointed not to get a decent break.

Steven Whiteley played last and won getting a 51 break and a 30. Final score 2-1 to us the B team. I even managed to get home without getting stuck on the motorway although I did see a couple of nasty crashes lots of black ice about

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