Thursday, 7 January 2010

Palace Practice

With all matches cancelled including the ABC on Sunday and our match at Stalybridge v Mossley due to more snow I decided to go for a knock with Mark Carrington at our local club as we felt most of the road nearby were clear enough to get home after a knock.

Mark was clearly playing much better tonight although I did make the first frame go to the last two colours. He beat me 5-2 getting a 57 and a 62. He really had his touch back on a slow table.

We played Billiards for the last hour or so and again he played really well without resorting to potting. He long inoffs were really good tonight another few months practice and he will be to good for me. He got about 60 in front and managed to get top of the table on a couple of occasions. I went through one of those phases where I could only score a few points at a time. My highest break was 17 Mark had a 29, I was quite disappointed as I felt really good.

The just at the end I knocked in a really nice 66 missing a sitter over the bottom pocket, Really cheered me up as I felt I have been playing well enough to get decent breaks lately. Had a couple of 60 and 70's in practice before Christmas.

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