Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Huddersfield League - New Mill V Springwood BC

This is a partial post as I drove over to Springwood Bowling club played and then had to dash off to another match.

The table was quite tight but as usual in the Huddersfield League area a really nice fast cloth. I went on first and played reasonably well the handicaps were similar I was on 70 he was on 80. I played reasonably well and won by about 40 no breaks but nice steady 15-20's on a regular basis. I felt I played a really controlled game which followed on from my practice with Wayne Holbrook this afternoon. My potting seemed to be OK and I am seeing the ball and the natural angle again. Certainly an improvement from last week and Scotland.

It's a strange game Billiards I know I can play well but sometimes the table and luck get together to put a stop to your play. I am sure that a lot of this is in my mind I must see John Inglby he's may be able to give me a few pointers in the mind games department I think 30-40 % of this game is mental.

I dashed from Huddersfield 18 miles across Saddleworth Moor very dark but still lots of snow on the ground. As I passed over the moor you can't help thinking about Myra Hindley and Brady murdering those children and leaving them in this wasteland of peat very sad.

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