Friday, 8 January 2010

Lunch Practice

Over to my local club after getting the RAC out to start my car which had a flat battery after being stood for 2 weeks. Had a little billiard practice after last nights 66 break. Started off just the same two 30 breaks and a 52 in a hour.

Really pleased with that strange game billiards you can get on the table and do nothing at all and the next minute knock in a nice break. There were a three of Indian lads in from the nearby restaurant playing snooker so I asked if the spare lad wanted a game. He wasn't very good and I thrashed him 2 nil. They swapped over and I played their so called best player. He was much better than the other lad had a good cue action and had played on a team from Oldham.

He had a really nice 42 break to win the first frame, I cleared the colours to win the second frame and then went mad in the last frame and had a 52 break from nowhere.

Looks like the new tip is working well and the layoff over Christmas seems to have been good for me hope the year keeps going on as it started.

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