Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Palace Snooker

Managed to get to the Palace for a 2 hours practice. Started with 30 long losers from the 'D' of the middle spot. Got 22/30.

Got 20 run through losers out of 30, and played 30 a stun losers into the bottom bag.
I then placed the red and white near the middle bags and played open table. I have not done this for a while and managed only little breaks of 10 and 12 before breaking down.

I played a few pots off the red spot for a while and then went back to the middle and managed a nice little 82 of general all round play with about 5 x 3-6-9 shots. Happy with that its easy just knocking them about though. Strange that was my highest break for a long while but it felt nothing as I want playing anyone, I almost expect decent breaks on my own table.

Two extra hours played hope this practice pays off.

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