Wednesday, 27 January 2010

55 Break - Stalybridge League St Georges B V Mossley B

Arrived at 9:15 after my dash across the moors and found Steve Cannon had won his snooker singles. We had won the first Billiards match and I was straight on.

I played a nice old chap who could play Billiards, I had seen him before quite capable of the odd 20-30 break. I set my stall out early with a 21 as I was giving another massive start 85 points.
He scored a few and I knocked in a really sweet 55 and missed a difficult screw in off.

It was a really nice break lots of assorted shots just about every shot in the book and all went in the middle of the pocket. That's the 7th break over 50 since the new year, looks like Scotland gave me a little confidence.

He scored a few points but kept leaving me on, I played a really high standard getting a 31 and a couple more 20 breaks to finish the match off, he only scored about 30 points. My best win yet in this league nicely under control the whole game my eyes seem really clear after struggling for a couple of days.

Mark Carrington lost his snooker singles giving about 50 start but made up for it by winning the doubles with Steve Cannon and getting a 55 snooker break along the way. Missing a fairly easy Pink in the middle playing a difficult positional shot. Obviously 55 is a good number at £1 per point not a bad nights work for both of us.


  1. Yeah Pete , looks like Britvic 55's all round mate...

  2. How did you miss that pink you should be ashamed!