Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Huddersfield League v Upper Hopton

Rather a disappointing night managed to get there ok and picked my glasses up on the way, no weather problems tonight.

We lost the first match by quite a lot and I went on second under a little bit of pressure, I was giving about 20 start. For some reason I really do suffer from very little luck, I tend not to hit the ball hard and try to control the shot so I don't get that many flukes I had only one fluke and that wasn't in a break I just played safe and the red went in the top bag which left me in the D.

My opponent however had 9 flukes and score off each one by simply smashing the ball around. Clearly a snooker player in the past and not a brilliant billiards player. I scored a couple of 19-20 breaks but it was quite poor. I felt comfortable on the table after playing a Oldham on quick tables New Mills fast table was no problem.

I won 200-185 again running in 17 to finish the game rather to close to for comfort but it's another win to add to the tally only lost a couple in this league. I never felt I was going to lose the game and if you took away his luck I would have won by miles.

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