Sunday, 17 January 2010

Practice for EBOS Scotland

Finished work for a week now to spend as much time as possible getting some practice in. Only 5 days to go the field looks really good some really good players turning out for this one getting a little nervous as I always seem to get really tough draws.

I have always managed to avoid Martin Goodwill in the groups but it would be nice to draw him for a bit of fun. Certainly going to get thrashed but I really am going to go all out to try and get my first 50 in an EBOS event not bothered about getting gettting thrashed but I do want to play well.

Nice to see the forum working well on the EBOS site no one seems to be horrible so far. Well done guys. I will keep everyone updated with practice and matches in detail this week and I will try to get all results from Scotland up on the blogs asap, hope to beat Garys updates butyou never know sometimes he does them live.

Monday - Practice PM, snooker match at night
Tuesday - 3 hours Lunchtime Practice - Match PM Huddersfield
Wed - 2 Hours AM - Hopefuly 2 hours at Macclesfield with Wayne
Thu - 4 Hours Morning - 2 matches at night Disley Macclesfield League and Stalybridge League
Fri - early start up to falkirk and hopefully get 2-3 hours with Roy Bacon.

After all that I will be two knackered to play all weekend.

Link to Forum is

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