Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Practice - Lost Glasses

Went for a practice at lunch time today with my father but realised I did not have my glasses in my bag. I rang mark Carrington but he could not find them in his car so I presume I have left them in Oldham Snooker Acadamy. I dont think they open till 4pm so I will have to call in on my way to Huddersfield.

Needless to say the practice din't got very well with my Glasses anything long was really difficult. Had a 39 and a handful of 20 breaks. Lost 2-1 200 up giving my day 100 start. He managed to get a couple of nice 20+ breaks.

Hope I can find them or this weekend will be a disaster as I just can't manage without them these days also they cost £ 170 the wife wont be happy.

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