Sunday, 24 January 2010

EBOS Scotland

Great week end, Nice club lots of great billiards, Mark played really well and followed on his good form from Bradford where he knocked in 2 x 200 breaks. Did I mention I got in the plate final.!

I arrived on the Friday and found the Hotel booked in and went off to the club, The Creamery Sports Bar on Main Street. Lovely club tables were recently covered and had very responsive cloths. On arrivals I had planned to have a bit of coaching with Roy Bacon but he was pretty busy and had to dash of to the station to collect Michael White and Company.

It worked out well as I managed to play Arthur Winn for a couple of hours, I found the tables really difficult even though they were really nice. Arthur won by quite a margin. I met most of the crew, Clive and Martin Goodwill.

I don't know why I play really well one game and nothing the next. Doesn't look good for my group games.

The following day everything started bang on time a few new faces playing in this one which was nice to see. I marked Guy Heys and Brian Dix, nice game Guy won and had lots of flukes but he did play well and in the last 20 minutes Brian had 45 off the Red ball and 42 in lovely all round play. I had Liam Clark first he played his usual game lots of potting, brilliant cue action he didn't play well but still managed to beat me. 260-156. I had a 29 he just got lots of 20's.

My next game was against Ron Agnew I played reasonably well 186-135 win to me, Ron seemed to struggle on the table until the end where he ran in some nice little cannons.

Chris Taylor next he battered me into the ground scoring 315-81 just too good, got lots of nice pots and top of the table. Final game against Geoff Brassington 293-111, again to good and Geoff will admit he played so smoothly better than I have ever seen him cue he had slowed down and was in stunning form, mm perfect and his had some amazing shots along with some of the greatest potting I have seen. He had a 48 and a 52.

Played 4 won 1 could be worse. Beating Ron Agnew in the main competition pleased me as he has defeated me twice. I played quite well and got my high break of 33. I know it wasn't 333 like Roxton but at least it did contain the number three and was in double figures.

In the plate I managed to grab a win over Darren Hall he seemed a little distracted and didn't play his normal game, I can tell he's been playing with Rob Hall his top of the table play was brilliant.

Next was Brian Moffat probably my best win a tough game but I got a little run of small breaks going and got about 40 in front he kept fighting back but I kept getting small breaks, at the end of the game I played some really nice safety shots which pleased me and stopped him scoring.

Semi final, and a really nice win over Brian Dix who was playing some really nice old style Billiards. I think he was a little tired it's a long day. he's a great chap though gave me some good pointers during and after the game.

In the final I managed to get about 40 in front of John Murphy but he knocked in a 54 and a 38 in two visits, The ex-pro just out of my league, final score 200-93.
I don't mind though he's a nice lad and a pleasure to watch. (thanks to Brian Harvey for marking the game)

The winners Mark Hirst (left) Roxton Chapman (right)

Left to Right, Me , John Murphy He only just won!

Left to right a surprised Martin Goodwill, Mark Hirst, Roxton

Small rather poor video of the last few minutes of Roxtons 333.
My camera takes video but the switch is smashed, new camera needed.

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