Tuesday, 2 February 2010

New Mill B v Lindley B due to Snow

Off to New Mill on a Monday for a rearranged game due to Snow. I wasn't really up for this tonight felt a little off colour.

I was giving 65 start to an old chap called John, I am always wary of these old guys they have been playing for years and usually can play a bit. He started off with 2 x 10 breaks which put me under a little pressure but I played quite well slowly catching him up. I managed to get a 19 and followed it with another 37 break. I placed the white in the D to get a cannon and a possible pot red. I thought I would get either shot and instead missed both shots by a mile.

Another chance to take the high break in my handicap group gone. I was a little disappointed but managed to score 18 off the red on my next visit. John then started scoring 12 virtually every visit and left me nothing for a 10-15 minute period.

He managed a 9 break to win by 3 points I had needed just one shot on the red for about 10 minutes and never had a sniff. I was unhappy at losing especially as I had played quite well giving a massive start.

We lost on the night 2-1 Derek Hey losing by a lot and Peter Atkinson winning from miles behind. A strange night and cost us second place.

I had Derek a couple of 100 up games after the match winning both of them I managed a 41 in the first and only just won. I got a couple of 20's in the second and a 30 to win by few in the next.

The weather was pretty grim coming back over the Woodhead Pass driving Snow and rain at least it was only Sticking at the top section of the Hill clear on the Stockport Side.

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