Monday, 2 November 2009

Stalybridge League - Beaky Conservative Club

Went to Beaconsfield Conservation Club on Thursday and played an old chap giving him 25 start.
He could actually play a little bit and managed to score 20. The table was bloody awful I don't think the cloth had ever been changed, it was actually shiny the cloth almost like an old pair of trousers when they have been Ironed to much.

The balls were terrible very very old I can honestly say they were the worst I have ever played with. They were so light covered in tiny cracks like a crazed plate.

I still won and played very well for some reason. It was all over in 6 visits to the table. I ran in
18 and followed it by a 25 I potted the red off its spot and left my white covering the red spot so that it would go on the pink spot leaving me a simple cannon onto the white which was below the middle pocket. The ref put it on the blue spot. I pointed out his error but they insisted after a rather a hated argument that was correct. From now one I will carry a full copy of the rules with me as they have no idea. Instead of a simple cannon I had a really hard screw across shot which I missed.

Next visit 20, 18 and ran in unfinished on 16 to win. Started at 8:10pm finished 8:23pm. God they are rubbish in this league I have still not seen anyone who can really give me a game.

Added a couple of pictures again courtesy of Peter Manns web site hope they don't mind.

Just about to play a shot against Phil Mumford

Collecting my runners up Certificate and Prize money and having my hand broken.

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