Thursday, 5 November 2009

Stalybridge 'B' V Mossley 'B'

Off across the Pennines to Mossley another little tiny club in the middle of no where. They were quite a good team and have the best billiards player in the league a chap call Darren Beswick who is on -80. The unfortunate thing is that as a new player in the league I have to start on scratch '0' even though our Captain put to the commitee that I should be on the same as Darren.

Once I have played half the season they can then adjust my handicap, seems stupid but never mind. I drew Darren which I was pleased about as I have been playing nice and steady.

I broke off and left the classic red in baulk an white on cushion. He played a cannon but hit the middle jaw and kissed across the table hit the other middle jaw and up to get an cannon. First shot a fluke sort of sums up my luck. He then ran in 29 from it and missed a simple pot.

I ran in 15 and played safe. The game went a little scrappy but every time he scored I scored the same or similar amounts. I ran in 24 unfinished to win. 100-12.

This meant he scored 92 I scored 100 so I won by 8 and I didn't feel that I played well at all I know I can play miles better than that. Nice win and pleased to show everyone there is a new kid in town.

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