Sunday, 15 November 2009

English Amateur - Derby

Over to Derby to the Beaconsfield club on Wilson Street for my English Amateur games.
I have drawn a really tough group of Peter Shelley, David Reece and Norman Routledge.

I arrived at 10.30 and meet everyone, they are all so nice these old chaps its a delight to be involved with this game. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Geoff Brassington was there and a few others I knew.

My first game was against the inform Peter Shelley. What can I say about the game Peter was magnificant his shot selection, in-offs and control were awsome he scored over 700 points in the 90 minutes I managed a paltry 100. I was quite lucky as he was 428-2 up at one point. He had endless breaks missing a simple red on 98. I was not upset it was a pleasure to watch a master a work. He is one of the few players who changes his grip according to the shot he is playing from a tight grip for a pot to a loose hold with his fingertips for a screw back. Awsome to watch, he also played very quickly and went to the Top which did surprise me as I expected him to be a long distance all round player.

I then played David Reece who I had met a Woking. this was his home club and I knew he was a great player. I managed to keep up with him for 20 minutes then he knocked in 48 and followed it with a 94, he missed a difficult cannon which if he had got he would have been in prime position. He beat me by quite a lot in the end. I did score 150 which was my target for each match. David was struggling with his hip which was obviously very painful, I tried to wind him up before the match saying he should not carry one playing as he was in so much pain. Didn't work but we did have a great game nice to watch he plays with a lot of side very interesting slow deliberate style I think I could learn a bit of David given a a few hours practice.

Next came Norman Routledge, I have played him before and lost getting a massive start.
He was a little tired after all games, He still beat me but only managed one decent break in the game. I keep forgetting he's quite old now but still a great player.
I played quite well scoring 200 points he scored 425.

I felt a little sorry for him at the end as everyone thought he had qualified for the next round as the referee had not put my extra 100 on the bottom of the board even though the top showed the 100. Only after I signed the card did every one realise I had scored the extra 100 which meant that Geoffs friend John had qualified by a few points.

Enjoyed the day, very tiring these longer matches but lots of practice for me. I would gladly pay the £ 20 entry fee just to watch these guys in action.

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