Wednesday, 11 November 2009

ABC Woking

Went to Woking with Wayne Holbrook who has just started the game. Bloody long way to go for a game but I wanted him to see the players in action and the way the matches were organised.

I got Tina Owen-Sevilton who potted like a dream she won 251-115. I was a little disappointed as I played really poorly. I think the drive down and the drive from Scotland the previous day took it's toll on me.

Wayne got Craig Murphy in his draw. I didnt tell him how good he was but Craig never missed a ball. He had a 104 and a 51 finishing 362-157. Wayne did quite well getting a 38 break towards the end. with 30 minutes to go he had hardly scored a point, it just goes to show how things change in a game. Wayne outpointed Craig in the last 20 minutes.

We watched quite a few game until the plate and I had drawn Wayne. He set off like a train and beat me quite well, 122-68.

Wayne really enjoyed the day although I was too tired especially with a the drive back. We saw some great games and witnessed a few hundred breaks. Quite worthwhile for the experience.

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