Thursday, 19 November 2009

Display V Silk Town Macclesfield League

Surprise Surprise I drew Wayne Holbrook (again). We had a nice quick game Wayne potting his way to a win, we both played quite well nothing fancy just quick scoring. If you remove the handicap I'm giving 60 start to him when he is just as good as me if not better then I won by 7.

We lost the next and I had to dash off to my other match at Stalybridge. Just made it in time my friend Steve went straight on and beat Tony Fletcher and he played well.

I won an easy Billiards match 100-58. I was miles better but he managed to smash the balls around and get 7 flukes and score 28 off them. I had no flukes. Won easy my handicap will change by 50 next week due to my 10 wins. That should make things a little more difficult.

No breaks but a couple of 20s. Then forced into playing doubles and managed a nice win playing with Steve Cannon.

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