Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Practice Silktown Macclesfield

After last nights thrashing I was glad when Wayne Holbrook rang me and asked if I was free for a couple of hours in the afternoon 2-4. We played over at Silktown and had an enjoyable session, I played quite well again so last night was nothing to do with my game Mathew was just too bloody good for me.

Wayne had had a coaching session with Peter Shelley the day before so I was a little worried he may have picked up some devastating shots. I played very well straight from the start with a 17 and a couple of 20's and ran away to an early lead of around 100 points. This was strange as last time Wayne did the exact same thing to me.

I played some really nice billiards my game seems to have changed a little lately I realise I am concentrating on drop cannons and close cannons a little more with some nice in-offs around the pink spot and trying to play less red ball play than I used to do. This seems to have been a natural thing rather than something I planned but it seems to be working quite well.

I knocked in a nice little 38 break where his ball was tight on the cushion below the middle bag and I worked both balls out into open play by some in-offs and a couple of drop cannons. I missed a very simple half ball cross loser from the red spot on the 3-6-9 shot. Which would have been a simple 50 break where the white was over the bag just a little careless really.

I followed the break with a 33 a few shots later again missing a fairly simple loser. I won by about 70 points in the end. Wayne again started out potting and missed quite a few which stopped him scoring. Once he started to play some in-offs and cannons he began to get going. Next time we must practice a few more shots.

I was quite happy with the way I played against Mark last time and against Wayne regular high 30 breaks are fine by me especially when I seem to have moved on from regular 25 breaks. I am sure if I keep going it will be regular 50's soon. I must admit the only way to progress in this game is to keep control, once you get the balls in those easy scoring positions breaks seem to happen without trying.

I have really avoided potting at all cost lately trying to only get a pot when I have used a cannon to push the balls near the pocket, this means that it's usually a very short distance pot rather than a dangerous long pot. this seems to have worked wonders for my game. I hate to say it but I really am beginning to see what this game is all about and visualise patterns of regular play. My inoffs have really improved lately all the practice seems to be working.

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