Friday, 27 November 2009

St Georges B v Parkbridge Institute

Had to go and play snooker in the Manchester League as the team I had agreed to play for last year were a player short and I had agreed to play the odd game despite only playing Billiards this year.

I went on an played really well The handicap were even I was giving him 2 start. The balls didn't run well and the frame was tactical but I won by about 40 and potted really well especially with the rest for some reason.

Over to the Parkbridge Institute, Ashton to play Billiards. The club is really difficult to find along a very narrow dark lane by the side of a disused mill which is now a visitor center of some sort. It was an old Victorian Mill/Ironworks. They made the steels rivets for the Eiffel Tower and The Titanic here.

The club house is a typical Village Hall except it has been restored to its Victoria Past. I can honestly say it is the nicest club I have ever been in, it was like stepping back 150years. The Billiard Room has leather seating all round with a large Marble Fireplace taking up one wall with a roaring coal fire lit. The table is dated 1901 with a label saying Orme & Sons Coronation table Edward VII.

The table is fully restored and has been recently recovered, there are even the old gas light fittings hanging down from the roof although the lights are modern ones. Really nostalgic feeling to the place.
I hope I could play well as everyone said the pockets were really tight. I have had my handicap slashed to -50 and was playing a young lad who was on 25. A 75 start but I have been playing well.

I started off quite well just getting lots of little breaks and managed to get into positive scores quite quickly. I had a few breaks around the 20 mark but I really played well my long losers were great and my potting was outstanding. The main problem with the table was that it must be the fastest table I have ever played on so a gentle tap could run the length of the table. I won easy running to 100 before he had scored 60. I had no problems with the pockets they seemed fine cut perfectly very much like the modern tables over a Pontins.

I tested the table afterwards it ran 6 times hitting the ball over the spots sometimes nearly 7, that's really quick. Most tables I play on do about 4. Still enjoyed the night still not lost one in this league yet, that's 11/11 so far. I wish every club was like this one if anyone is ever in the area it is definitely worth visiting the club just to have a look at the room.

some info on Orme & Co.

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