Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Huddersfield League - NewMill V Milnsbridge Liberal

Went to SilkTown at 2pm for a game with Wayne Holbrook, again he raced off to a fantastic start, he never missed a pot for the first 30 minutes ending about 100-10 ahead.

However you can't keep potting and Billiards will always beat a snooker in the end as it gives you room for errors. I slowly started scoring and finding my distance. The table threw a little wide but after 30 minutes I never missed a long in-off.

I quickly caught him up and he kept missing the same shots mainly screw shots or stuns into the pocket. He knew to play these with reverse side but seemed to be struggling with them. I quickly caught him up getting a few 20's and never missed a long one.

We played for 2 hours and I ended up winning by about 35 despite being 100 behind and Wayne knocking in a 41. It was a very interesting game from a pure Billiards point I played very well hardly missing when I had the chance and got some great positional shots. Wayne potted so well I must play him a snooker one day he must be really sharp. The game exposed the difference between us, although I have only been playing a few months longer than Wayne some of my billiard shot are more advanced than Wayne. His half ball and long in-offs have really improved lately but he still misses them more than me. The little stuns under the 90degree rule I get nearly all the time he missed loads of these but he never missed a pot.

Next time we should practice a few shots for him first. He is still opting for potting when there is a perfectly good in-off.

Off to Milnsbridge Liberal club, Huddersfield. Just for a change the the weather is well like a bloody hurricane. Every Tuesday it pours down with gale force winds over the pennines. Had to go across the M62 this time the spray from the wagons was bloody awful. The club is perched in the bottom of a valley with really steep access roads very hard to find even with my sat nav.

I knew I was going to be late so I was playing last. When I arrived Derek Hey was playing he was a little rusty after his trip to New York. Bit of pressure on me as my handicap has been slashed from 85 to 70 as I have now won 6/6 games plus the two warm ups.

I played John Brook who was on 85 and quite a good player. I managed to catch him up and stayed about 15 ahead until the end when I knocked in a nice 21 and a 19 to finish the game off with me needing only 15 to win. He played poorly by all accounts but I didn't leave him anything and never missed a ball on which was nice.

We won 3-0 and that puts us clear at the top of the league on 16 points. Seven of which I scored. Although I have managed to avoid most of the good players so far. I am quite happy with my game at the moment, still not getting any breaks but playing much better.

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