Sunday, 21 March 2010

Prestwich Billiards & Snooker League

Went off to play Mark captain of the Heaton Park Social Club last night we had been corresponding via email regarding me playing next year at the league is much closer than the Macclesfield League to my house.

They play 150 up off handicap the lowest being -45. There seems to be a few decent players in the league the highest breaks being around the 50-70 mark most years. He is on -45 along with 2 or 3 other players.

We played 2 games of billiards 150 up, I won easy in the first getting a couple of 30's, the club was very hot and noisy with kids running around and load music being a Saturday night, didn't bother me to much.

It was a nice table very fast but easy to judge the pace I managed to pick it up quite quickly tonight, the bags were generous but a little tight if you caught the edge. He had 4 sets of balls most of which were poor but the aramiths looked OK you could make one decent set from the two sets he had. So we played with my balls. I played a steady game nothing to fancy as I had to get used to the table.

He played a little better in the second game but reverted to some potting his snooker background showing through. With a little practice on this table some serious bit breaks could be made. Once I got the pace and sheer size of the pockets you could pot from anywhere.

We played a couple of games of snooker to finish off, I played steady in the first winning by about 30. In the second I had found the pace and knocked a lovely little 53 break which included a fantastic piques shot. My white had finished just tight up behind a red in to the middle bag. I had seen Roy do the shot in Austria and the other Friday he showed me the shot along with the massee shot. Cue right in the air little flick and the red sailed into the middle and white screwed back bounced off the rail and perfect on the black. A little lucky but thanks Roy Bacon for that one. Mark was really impressed with that one

I played a bad positional shot for one of the last 5 reds and missed a long straight red in the yellow pocket. Mark potted two reds and a pink. I then knocked in a long red and cleared the remaining reds. I missed and cleared the colours to the black. I won by 100 points. Perhaps I should give up billiards and go back to snooker.

Not sure what to do with that league the standards certainly better than the Stalybridge League and most of the Macclesfield League. I think I should move to Teesside, Cambridge or Boston maybe even Norfolk at least there is some decent billiards around. Hopefully next year the Frodsham League should be a tester.

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