Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Oldham Snooker Academy

Off for a practice with Mark Carrington, its a bit of a trip up to Oldham but worth it as the tables a cheap and lovely.

Mark wanted to player snooker tonight I had work so could only play 6-30pm-10pm.

I felt really great and was looking forward to it, Mark had already had a game with Michael Wild another pro who's going to Malta for the EASB comp. Mark started off well but I really nailed down the energy and stance techniques I had been shown.

It began to tell on him it's quite subtle but eventually it really began to put him off, standing just on the edge of his peripheral vision, Cue ready, positive. After an hour or so he said he felt as if something was wrong, and that he didn't feel up to much tonight.

In the mean time I had played very steady snooker lots of little breaks 15-20's and I knocked in a 35. I felt a bit sorry for Mark and I said to him I would stop putting him off in the next frame.

He looked at me blankly and said what did I mean? I hadn't done anything. I said lets just play and you will understand. He won the next frame with a 41 and a 38 break. I kept out of his way sat down and tried to look dejected. He immediately played better.

In the next I said all bets are off and carried on. I won the next 2 frames getting a couple of 40 breaks and in the last frame 35 and a 44 break just missed the black by a fraction for 51. I lost 6-4 to a player head and shoulders above me ex pro who gets regular century breaks, I was delighted with that result and the way the energy battle had gone.

6 weeks ago I would have said this whole thing was mad but it really works well, it is quite hard to do but once you get into the zone its easy. Mark could not believe me when I tried to explain what I had been doing.

Must get a bit of Billiards in this week after all Malta is not far away.

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