Sunday, 14 March 2010

Darley Dale

Off to Darley Dale after a nice cooked breakfast. Semi final of the English Am, Martin Goodwill V Phil Mumford. Mathew Sutton V Dominic Mullhall.

We arrived 30 minutes early, and there were quite a few people I knew. I saw Clive Scott and Peter Cooper. Phils Dad and Roger Morgan turned up later in the day, It was nice to see him.
Bem fench and Brian Dix also arrived Bems great I must get up to him house for a practice once the league has finished.

I watched Martin and Phils game first. Martin looked a little rattled when Phil knocked in a 200 in 16 minutes a really outstanding controlled break. Martin responded with a 449, he started off and really looked like he was struggling once he got to 100 he relaxed a little and played better. Once he got to 200 he looked in full flow simply brilliant.

Phil kept going and several other massive breaks later, the interval came where they swapped tables and played from where they left off. The second half was interesting I watched the Sutton game. He played steady getting a 136 but seemed not to be trying to hard. Dominic played really fast and struggled but they both scored decent amounts.

I really enjoyed the games, Phil came back at Martin who pulled out a really great break at the end to finish it off. Simply a great day with some outstanding Billiards. Steven Cannon enjoyed it and managed to get Martin and Roger to sign his copy of Martins book.

Took Roy off to the Manchesters Gay Village for a bite to eat. Saw a few strange sights wandering the streets. I dont think he has ever seens anything like that before.

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