Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Practice Crucible Wayne Holbrook

Due to my daughters dancing lessons had to move from our normal venue to the Crucible Stockport, played on the main match table. it took a bit of getting used to for billiards but was fine.

We started off and I showed Wayne some of the shots from the JK video, He was quite impressed and managed to get a few of them straight away.

We played for 3 hours and both scored a few middle 20 breaks not a great break day but we both did OK. We scored less than usual but we did both get some really nice shots. I was trying for the top of the table position all the time and got there several times but only mad 20 or so each time and missed out on a massive break whilst on 27 and in prime top. Wayne did the same he missed an ideal chance. But that's the way it goes. A few more months/years practice and I will be much better around the black spot.

Just towards the end of the match I had a perfect chance to play the Kareham shot red tight on the rail 2 feet below the middle pocket and lots of top right and the white flew in the top bag just like the DVD I was over the moon and even Wayne who has loads of cue power was impressed.

I really love this game is just keeps on rewarding your practice and efforts all the time, that one shot has really given me a boost. I ran out a winner if you can call it that by about 20 points. But we had a great time with lots of practice and tactics discussed. I managed to show Wayne a couple of new shots. No big breaks but a great day.

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