Friday, 12 March 2010

Berry Cup - Stalybridge B v Mossley B

Off into the Hill's again Mossley a small Village tucked away in the Hills, the town is in two parts Upper and Lower Mossley they don't get on, the Upper hates the Lower, the Lower can't stand the Upper.

We were desperate for a win, If we lost we were out and if we won we really needed a 4-1 to guarantee the semi final a 3-2 might do depending on other results. I picked up my mate Steve and we went for a hours practice in the Palace Club, he played rubbish. I didn't do much better.

On arrival in Mossley Mick was playing Snooker and won by 30 he played quite well. Billiards next their Captain went on lad called Darren Beswick, I had played him before Christmas when my handicap was scratch so I was getting 80 start and beat him by 105. My handicap was now -80 the same as him.

I felt really relaxed I went through my routine outside of relaxation techniques. I went in and he scored 15 first visit including a couple of really interesting flukes. He is the only other player in the league who can actually play this game and I set about playing good billiards, the table is great but the balls are very light so I stuck to cannons until I felt how much they threw off. I started to place the ball well in the D about an inch or so wider than usual, I got a couple of long losers and then never missed one all night.

He was totally destroyed within 10 minutes, I almost felt as if I was sucking the life out of his shots and he just kept getting worse. I got 6 x 20+ breaks 20,21,21,23,25,26 almost one after another and I won by 125 he only scored about 55 points. I think this was my best overall performance my average for the night must have been pretty high.

Steve went on and lost on the black he was quite unlucky the lad potted a fantastic pink. Roy our Captain lost at Billiards by a dozen, but Steve and Mick won the doubles. 3-2 to us.

This means Mossley have to beat Parkbridge 4-1 away from home to get through.
Not a bad night I again felt good, confident and positive. Looks like this game is in the mind after all.

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