Saturday, 13 March 2010

Practice Roy Bacon

Roy was coming down from Scotland to pick up a old scoreboard for his new snooker room, I had arranged for him to stay at my place on the friday and saturday.

Friday I had arrange a match / practice at the Parkbridge Institute. We arrived at 7.15pm and were playing for 90 minutes then he would show me a few shots top and nursery's hopefully.
The table was very fast the ball really shoots off the rails and the pockets were really tight. My hope was just to stay close to his score.

I managed in the first hour to stick with him and got about 8 in front. I had a couple of decent break the highest of the night 42 and a 28 and a 29. Roy struggled a little on the table but his quality of striking and use of side was simply brilliant. As time went on the better player as usual starts to pull away and sure enough he made 41 of the red and a nice 39. He won by about 130 in the end.

He then played a series of really great nursery shots and showed the juniors some interesting half ball shot to give them a start. Nice club with the coal fire table was really tight but fast quite difficult for a match. I enjoyed it though. I held my own.

The main things I learn are shot selection is vital, playing the right shot is so important. Quality rather than quantity. Play the inoffs in the middle before an easy cannon.
Everytime I see someone play I learn a few shots Roy showed me the masse shot thats certainly one to practice for the future.

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