Thursday, 11 March 2010

No Nails / Gum

I have just been thinking about my previous post 3/4, I have described it all fairly well, as well as I could. Something else has just occured to me that I have only just noticed.

I gave up smoking two or three years ago and used the Nicorette gum which worked and finally I went from that to normal chewing gum. I would usually go through a packet a day either a couple of small ones or a large packet of 25. I have not really bothered about this I just found it helpful and better than smoking, since my session on Monday I have not bothered with the chewing gum or bitten my nails.

I find that rather odd as I have made no effort to stop the chewing gum, it was never mentioned in the session. I still have some in my car certainly something has made me more relaxed and less anxious. I am not sure whether the relaxation techniques are working but something has changed.

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