Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Practice Silktown / New Mill V Lindley

Met up with Wayne Holbrook over at Macclesfield and had a really nice 3 hour session/practice.
We just played with no pressure and discussed shots as they occurred.

He had just had his cue repaired he broke the top half a few weeks back but had managed to buy a new top. He seemed to play well with it. His potting was fantastic today. He never missed a pot all day.

The only thing that bothers me is I think he is neglecting the other parts of the game next time we should practice his long losers. Mine are much better and my resulting position is much better.
Wayne never misses the half ball shots but when the shot needs to be varied a little he struggles.
That said his potting more than makes up for it.

He shot ahead by about 120 points mainly by potting, but eventually he ran out of pots and I pegged him back and got about 50 ahead. Right at the end he managed to get a fine 54 which was a lovely example of potting with the odd cannon to keep him going and he followed it with a 23.

We both had lots of small breaks around the 20-30 mark and it was an interesting day, it's always good to play Wayne as he is a tough player to beat and fairly local.

I was off to New Mill at 7.30 for our match with Brian Cousens team. He really is a great player for an old guy his follow through on his shots is awesome he must push the cue through by 18inches on each shot. he sort off throws the cue out. He managed a 62 and a 53 and followed it with a couple of 20-30 breaks.

I went on second and played the younger member of their team, he is really slow. think of a very slow Eddie Charlton with a little Cliff Thorburn thrown in, then give him a zimmer frame. Yep that's about right. I would rather play a flowing game but that's the draw for you.

I won fairly easily again. He is a potter and I left the red tied up and played cannons off his ball. Eventually he left me a few chances and at the end I got a couple of small breaks 18ish to win by 44.

Peter Atkinson went on last and ended up 60 behind but managed to pull it back to only lose by 18.
Lost 2-1 we really needed to win our last two games to stand any chance of the runner up spot. Our only hope is the other teams slip up and we win our last game 3 nil.

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