Wednesday, 3 February 2010

New Mill V Milnsbridge

Over the New Mill Again. Very cold and Icy a fresh covering of Snow over the Woodhead, will this winter never end.

Took it really easy -5 over the top and still snowing rather worried about getting back, Mark Carrington decided to come as well I told him to bring his cue in case we got chance for a knock after.

John Bowden went on first and seemed to be playing very well loads of 20 breaks nearly every visit, he won an easy victory. I went on second again giving about 40 start. I won but did not play that well, I seemed to have no running at all every time I missed I left him on when he missed I got nothing. I managed a 20 and an 18 which put me in front and I won by 30 points.

Peter Atkinson went on last and played quite well and managed to win by quite a lot. His opponent did cause a bit of an atmosphere. The lads will know what I mean by this.!

A 3-0 win was quite nice we have only had one 3 nil which is why we are now third in the league. We have won more than most but that extra point really counts.

Mike was playing on the other table and eventually left and Mark managed to get a few games of snooker in on the other table. looked like he was struggling a bit but he managed a couple of 50 breaks. I had a game of Billiards with Peter we both played well I got a couple of 30s and Peter got a really nice 41, virtually all cannons. Well done mate nice break.

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