Friday, 19 February 2010

Manchester Snooker League - Fill In

Was supposed to play billiards with Steve Cannon last night but had to cancel due to working in the early hours.

Just getting ready for work when I get asked to play snooker for the Crucible as they were a man short. I could just fit it in on my way to work, managed to get there a 7 and managed a practice game with one of the young lads off the 'B' Team.

I beat him but it was a scrappy game and played our Captain Ady Ladkin a quick frame, it was quick he potted a red and a blue, I went mad and got a 52 and 31 in two visits. My best snooker performance for a while.

My match was a little disappointing I was getting 5 start off a young lad who was quite a good potter as they all are. I managed to get 20 in front and played a shot to nothing on a red. Got the half ball red and ended up going in the top bag.

This left a free ball as the pack was covered with pink and blue. He potted the green and got a 15 break. I played safe again and left him tucked up on the top rail. He hits the pack very thick and flukes a red then proceeds to make 37 from it. I played safe and got a couple of snookers and a couple of the last reds. I played safe on the yellow which he smacked into the center bag and clears up.

I didn't really do anything wrong but that's the way it goes sometimes.

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