Monday, 22 February 2010

Practice / individuals Palace

Went to the palace with Steve Cannon for a practice he is coming to Malta and has decided to enter the competition to get thrashed so we have set out getting a bit of practice before the event as he has not played much billiards.

We played off handicaps i give him 80 start first to 100, I'm on -180 he still has to score the 100. The first game I played average Steve did fine getting a couple of 20's but I made it to 100 before him. The second game we decided to play as our individuals as we had been drawn against each other in the first round.

The second game was much better Steve has a 15 and a 10 and followed it with a 47 which was mainly potting but not a bad effort. I had hardly scored anything just 40 points but from no where banged in a really great 91. This still left me a bit behind but I managed to just get in front and win by 18 very close game.

We played a third game and I won by 5. He's not a bad billiards player he certainly know the half ball. Certainly my best break so far just cant quite make the 100 though 3 more reds.

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