Friday, 12 February 2010

Stalybridge League V Mossley B

Berry Cup match. The team lost 3-2. An interesting match Mark Carrington Lost in the Snooker Singles and so did Steve Cannon it was left to me and Mick to win in the Billiards.

I played another potter a young lad I was giving him 80 start first to 100. He started off with a 10 all pots and felt quite good despite being very tired from working all week. I have had to do a bit more as my wifes work is really desperate at the moment and my boss has picked up a few new contracts.

He broke off and I scored 18 first visit off. It's a lovely table for billiards quite tight in the middle bags but very fast. So doesn't really suit potting the slightest touch on the edge of a bag and the ball bounces out. My average for the game must have been quite high as I hardly had a shot when I didn't score. I got breaks of 21,21,23,25,27 and I finished with an 18 unfinished.

Although I didn't get any big break I was delighted with my game I would rather have all these little breaks than one big one. A few people have told me not to get big break fever and they are right lots of breaks are much better than the odd large one.

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