Thursday, 25 February 2010

Jack Karnehm DVD

I have just spent 4 really relaxing hours watching a Jack Karneham DVD all about Billiards. The DVD is only 2 hours but watched it twice in 2 days.

I don't know what to say other than WOW. What a damn fine Billiards player he was, sadly he died in 2002. His touch around the top of the table is brilliant and has given me a few extra practice shots to work on.

He has some trick shots or practice shots scattered throughout the tape which I have tried to emulate at my local club. They really test your cueing. I started out with the 10 Shot with the balls wedged in the pocket and after 4 or five goes managed to produce the same shot. Quite simple once you get the top on.

The next shot the red is on the left hand side cushion in line with the pink spot and the white on the brown spot. The object is to hit the red with loads of top left and the red kisses out of the way and the white spins down the rail and into the bag. Tried this shot 20 times without getting it I just couldn't get anywhere near, so I tried a few run throughs against the nap first.

I revisited the previous shot and got it second attempt. Once I realised where to aim I managed it 7 out of 20. Cant wait to try out a few more. Its difficult to see the angles due to the video quality but I will try them all out.

I managed to do get the in off about one foot from a pocket tight on the rails with top left works really well that one the white pops straight in the pocket. Must try the top of the table shots he does.

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