Monday, 12 October 2009

Milage Error

Just updated the distance to Vienna it was 1100 each way. Thanks for the rather sad person who pointed that one out to me.

On a billiards note I forgot to mention I played one of the Phil Davis Shots in my last match the long cannon off the cushion glance off the red and down onto the white. I had practiced this for about 30 minutes and never expected to use it so soon.

I must stress to everyone that the only way you can get better as this game is to watch and play better players and get them to show you a few of their shots. Each player has a mental store of shots they use over and over. I have picked up shots from Paul Dunning, John Inglby and Phil amonst others which I would never have thought off on my own.

You can reach a certain level in the game by learning the half ball shots from books and from Martins web site. But there comes a point when you are on your own and must learn new shots by pinching them from other people.

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