Wednesday, 21 October 2009

EBOS English Open

Just received the draw for the English Open this weekend. Thing's don't look good.

Chris Taylor
Roy Bacon
Geoff Brassington
Peter Stanyer
Jamie Barker

I expect to get thrashed by Chris Taylor, especially on his own tables that will be a nightmare he is devastating in amonst the balls.

Roy is off his head but an absolute gentleman although I expect to get beaten by a large amount he should give me a few pointers and I may pick up a few interesting shots from him.

Geoff is a man in form he seems to be playing well in all his comps at the moment, he has recorded quite a few 100's this year I can see the snooker player in him, but he has picked up billiards and is going to be the man who everyone fears over the next few year. he had a 48 and a 50 in the same game when I marked his match at leeds in the ABC. He knocked in the 48 in about 2 minutes. Very impressive.

Jamie Barker again should thrash me but he is the only player who I stand any chance against. I watched him play Phil Welham at the last ABC, Phil played really well and went on to win the comp but Jamie played below average. So if I can catch him on a bad day I may picked up 5 points.

I set my sites on scoring 100 points in an hour for my previous games I am increasing that to 125 for the next tournaments as I feel I have made some progress over the last few months.

My mate Steve is coming with me to watch, he is a pool player but thought it would be fun. Nice to have some support as Paula is looking after the kids.

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