Friday, 16 October 2009

Austria Video Extract

I have extracted a small section of my recorded match from Austria. These video's do not belong to me they are copyrighted by Peter Mann and team and I hope no one from Austria objects.

If anyone does I will gladly remove them from the web site simply send me an email to and I will take down the file straight away.

You don't get many chances against a player like Phil Mumford so I am surprised I scored anything at all. Only after watching these videos do you notice my bloody awful cue action it's improved a little over the past 6 months but I am still moving on the shot and can't quite get down on the shot due to my glasses. I get a 27 break but its really a struggle.

Pity they didn't spell my name correctly, still no one does all my life no one gets it right.

My surname is Stanyer. I always tell people STAN and YER. Most spell it
Stanver, Stanger, Stanier. They just dont get the Y.

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