Friday, 23 October 2009

Macclesfield League - Norman Routledge

Played Norman in the League last night I was getting 175 start. Yes thats right 175 Start going to 200 up so I needed to score 175 whilst he needed to scored 375.

Needless to say I lost final score 200-184 to Norman. Wow!!!

He played as well as anyone I have ever seen play like a cross between Bem French and Steve Crosland. He never missed any loser in the middle of the table and his canons were superb.

I can honestly say for an 78 year old bloke I have never seen such an outstanding display of sustained points scoring. He got 57, 47, 42, 39, 38 and many more. In addition he did not leave me anything at all and when i did get in I failed.

Still what a great night lovely to watch a real traditional billiards player.

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